Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bundling up for cold weather in style

Guest post written by Aubrey Daly

Summer is my favorite time of the year because it's so easy to get dressed by throwing on a sundress and a pair of sandals. It's so complicated to get dressed with style in the winter because you have to think about dressing in layers and if your clothes are still going to match when you take of our coat. But I still try and make a big effort to pull my whole outfit together and spice up my everyday coat with sassy accessories.

I love to look through all kinds of fashion blogs so that I can get some inspiration from how other normal people with wardrobe buses dress. One night about a week ago I was looking through some of my favorite blogs and while I was doing that I came across the website and read through it. I wanted to switch over my internet service for a while anyway and so I changed mine over to that provider.

Some of my favorites right now for cute winter fashion include over the knee boots, which are great for wearing with jeans or tights. I only have one pair, but I bought them in black and have been wearing them a lot this season.

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