Saturday, February 20, 2010

Useful Tools

Have you noticed when you are in a crowd, the people are just passing around. They go from this end to that end to the point that the paths are no longer noticeable. I did experience this scene and it really uncomfortable. But with some crowd, like for example in a concert, they have this so called crowd control marshals to maintain the peacefulness in the area. It is very important to avoid injuries and other untoward incidents.

Some will even use stanchions which is very helpful. I think not just in concerts that they use this tools and there are some other tools also. Like in the bank, they have this velvet rope to keep the clients in line. In my thought the purpose of this, is to keep everything fair and to control the crowd. They even use barricades for larger crowd to avoid accidents.

It is really grateful how this tools exist nowadays. It helps a lot in controlling crowded areas. It helps maintain the peaceful in a particular area. It also keeps the crowd safe and away from harm. I do applaud the companies that produces this stuff.

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