Thursday, May 14, 2009

Unique Wedding Invitations

The wedding month is fast approaching and for sure engaged couple are now preparing for their wedding. Preparing is a wedding is a tough job. It is too much pressure, details and everything. I handled two(2) wedding preparation before when I was still in the Philippines. One was for my cousin and one was for a friend of mine. I enjoyed doing it and makes me proud of myself that I can do it and I got compliments for that. When my fiance ( now husband ) proposed to me. I have the most amazing concept to my wedding. Preparation and everything. From colors to flowers to invitations and guests. My dream wedding is just a simple wedding. Simple yet elegant and memorable. I want it unique among other wedding I've seen. I did the preparation in the Philippines but our wedding is here the States. Our wedding details was a combination of his culture which is American and my culture which is Filipino. Our wedding went great and absolutely memorable for both us. It was our special day and we are grateful. We received so much compliment on our wedding invitations because it is a very Unique Wedding Invitations. Materials were made of native products and nobody really thought that it can be used for a wedding invitation. I did that myself and I am so proud. So couples out there, I know you can do it because if I can do it, you can do it. Best wishes.

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