Saturday, February 7, 2009

Personalized Card

Do you prefer to give a personalized card to someone special to in every occasion? If so, Cardfish Phone call is the right one for you. They call it cardfish phone call because as soon as you send the card to someone, their phone will ring as they read. Isn't that cool. Cardfish is an exciting new personalized greeting card and messaging service that allows users to send innovative multi media cards to someone special to them. It could be a friend, family member, a loved one, wife, husband, brother or sister. The service features short videos that can be personalized in various ways which include the insertion of text into the video narrative. What makes it unique is that, the calling card application where the characters in the video will call the one you send the card with, on their home or mobile phones in the course of their viewing the video card. This technology allows for some pretty surprising and hilarious scenarios. There are only 3 easy steps on this application. First, you have to choose the card you will send. Second, send it to someone you'd like to send the card. Third, their phone rings as they read the card. That's fabulous. Cardfish is really the place for you to send personalized eCards to your friends and family. So if there's an upcoming birthday, holiday, a special occasion, or you just want to let your friends know that they're important to you send them an eCard right now!

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