Saturday, November 29, 2008


Just a thought of posting this. It was a gift that I received from my husband during my bridal shower. Infact, I was with him when he bought this, i mean we were together as we were doing our shopping that time but without my knowledge, he sneaked to Hallmark to buy this while I was busy looking for something at Victoria Secret. It is a heart shape glass with two swans on it with an engraved wordings of " I will always love you" how sweet. He said, that the reason why he bought this, is because of the song I use to sing for him. A song entitled " I will always love you by Jim Brickman. I really love that song because it describes the feelings that I have for him. I am so grateful for my husband because he makes me so complete and I couldn't ask for more. He his all that I want and need for the rest of my life.. I love you so much baby.


earthlingorgeous said...

Awww what a sweet hubby you got!

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Dezz said...

How sweet! Keep the love alive. best wishes..

te dezz

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