Saturday, October 18, 2008

Went to the flea market and garade sale

This morning, I went with my parents in law to the flea market and see what they've got there. We didn't really buy any stuff and we're just looking for the display. We knew a couple there and we stayed for a bit to chat. We left the place and as we are headed home we saw a garage sale along the way and decided to drop by. They've got lots of stuff and we end up buying. I bought 4 pairs of pants, 2 winter jacket, a blouse, 3 shirts and 2 short pants for my behalf, a belt and 2 pairs of sandals which only cost me 32 bucks. Wow that was a good buy for all those items. I am so happy because all the pants I bought fits me good and I hope my beloved will like the stuff I bought for him. Hope you guys had a great day of shopping today.

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MarlyMS said...

I like going to garage sales too, almost every weekend. I find good deals on stuff I like. Today, I got two Pyrex bowls for $3.00.

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